Our goal is to teach your dog skills tailored to your lifestyle, intensify your bond and mutual understanding and to help your best friend to become the perfect family member.

Everybody's lifestyle is different and therefore the role of a dog in a household varies.

Whether you want a pet dog, a sport dog, service dog or home protection dog: our team has a proven track record of finding the perfect dog for you, training dogs for and with you and also competing dogs on national and international level.

Co-founder and head-trainer Gina Pfeffer has been an passionate animal lover her whole life. Formerly, Gina was a successful horse trainer and professional rider. After 20 years of owning and operating Huntington Training and Sales in North GA, she was introduced to the sport of Schutzhund in which she now trains and competes at the highest level with her two German Shepherds Dux and Casso.
In 2016 Gina and Dux represented the USA in the Universal Sieger World Championship with a 2nd place in the work and 5th place overall leading team USA to 3rd place!
In her quest to further her dog training knowledge, Gina enrolled in an extensive 1 1/2 year long service dog training program with the mission of rescuing dogs from kill shelters and training them for disabled veterans and is now dedicated to helping others with their dogs.
Gina can help you and your dog communicate in a language they understand which will strengthen your bond and keep your buddy happy and healthy!

Gina will customize a training program for your dog. She uses the proven method of Classical and Operant Conditioning. Young or old, every dog can benefit from this scientific approach to training a happy dog! This type of training sticks with your dog and for a few minutes a day, it is easy for you to maintain at home.

Your bond with your dog will become stronger as you learn to speak "his" language!

And yes: we also love to work with puppies as this allows us to train your dog without having to correct too many bad habits.

Let Us Train Your Dog

Just let us know what you expect.

Pet Dogs (incl. Puppies)

Obedience, manners, correction of behavioural issues. Daycare for dogs in our training program.

Sport Dogs

Schutzhund sport (IGP), Obedience, Agility, Decoy Services.

Service Dogs

Customized program for you and your dog to fit your needs like PTSD, Wheelchair, Bracing.

Protection Dogs

Custom protection training from start to finish or purchasing an already trained dog.

Dog Rehab

Dogs recovering from surgery. Aqua therapy.

Dog Fitness

Custom fitness program like cardio or swimming.


Let us find the perfect dog for you.


What our customers say.

Where do I start to explain what an incredible experience we had with Gina at Applied Canine Concepts. We have two dogs with two separate needs.
At the time a 7 year old Bichon Frise who had a difficult time walking on leash without pulling me down the street. He also, had a tough time staying in an unfenced yard without running down the road when seeing a distraction. His other issue was door breaking. After 2 weeks working with Gina, he literally was a different dog with new and improved behaviors. Gina taught an old dog new tricks! She is beyond skilled at training dogs and their owners.
We also have a mini golden doodle who was 11 weeks at the time she started training with Gina. Gina taught her to walk on leash next to us with a cute little Troy and no pulling. The puppy was exhibiting difficulty potty training. Gina helped us come up with a solution that helped us deal with the potty. Thank goodness for Place!!
We love and admire Gina. She is the Expert! We highly recommend her and her beautiful location.

Melanie Nielsen

My family rescued a Belgium Malignon Shepherd that was trained in German 3 months ago.
Gina was able to help us understand him and his commands. She was very thorough with her teaching and training US!
He has now become a part of our family and we are all very thankful for her and her knowledge.

Julia Wenrick

Gina has not only made my German Shepherd one of the finest German shepherds I've ever seen but between her wisdom knowledge and passion for dogs I've never met anyone quite like her.
Highly recommend her and her beautiful facility for dog training and boarding.

Carole Bradshaw

Gina is amazing. I brought her 2 crazy puppies, mix breed that I adopted from the humane society. They are only 4 months old. They now walk like model dogs on leashes right next to me. They have learned to stay in place until told. They are so enjoyable.
I highly recommend Gina, she is a savior. I wouldn’t take them anywhere else. She has a beautiful training facility.
Thank you Gina.

Kelly Dean

Dog training paradise in paradise! Gina is extremely knowledgable with the passion for dog training to match.
The facilities are beautiful, clean, and perfect for almost any kind of dog training with indoor and outdoor training areas.
I highly recommend Gina and Applied Canine Concepts!


I would highly recommend Applied Canine Concepts. I have known Gina a long time. She is naturally gifted with animals.
I have watched her transition from the equine world into the world of canines.
I am very proud of her for taking her first schutzhund dog, Dux von Hugelblick to 5th place at Universal Sieger World Championships.
I have entrusted Gina with raising and training puppies and young dogs for me, Even whelping my puppies.
She treats them all as she would her own dogs.


Prior to purchasing a working line GSD I knew I needed to find the right trainer to help me develop him the right way for working dog sport (IGP/schutzhund).
I knew of Gina and her quick rise to world level with her Dog Dux [...]. I knew after speaking with her the first time she was that trainer I wanted to work with.
[...] I was totally blown away! She has a knack for reading dogs right away and putting them on the right track to function in everyday life.
[...] If you want a well trained dog for sport or just your everyday pet, I would without any hesitation recommend Gina at Applied Canine Concepts.

Joe Carreiro

Gina is a miraculous trainer. We have two large stubborn dogs, Trinity is a 65 lb. Dogo Argentino and Gumbo a 95+ lb. Catahoula Bulldog. Walking them on a leash together had become impossible. They would chase after deer, rabbits, dogs, and anything that was in their line of sight, dragging me a long for the ride.
I left them with Gina and her staff for 3 weeks. Gina was sending videos after 2 days and the improvement was astounding.
When I picked up the dogs Gina gave me a thorough walk thru of the individual customized training program she developed for each dog.
Those three weeks yielded life changing results. My wife and my kids can now confidently walk the dogs in public without the anxiety/fear of them pulling. We receive so many compliments now on how well trained our dogs are. Thank you Gina!

Christopher Melly

Such an amazing place. Gina is an awesome trainer with care and discipline.
The improvements she has tought our Toby in just 1 week are incredible!!!
I highly recommend this amazing company for all your dog training needs.

Tony Ferrer and Toby

My experience with Gina was great. I have a 4lb mini Maltese (Alexa) who thinks she is a 100lb pit bull at times.
Gina did a two week training with her and she came home with a different attitude.
Thanks Gina!

Holly Frisk and Alexa

Being able to train with Gina has been such an amazing experience. Her knowledge and skill as a trainer and teacher have helped me improve my handling ability tremendously.
She is such a talented dog trainer. She has taught me so much about the mechanics of training different behaviors in such a short time.
Gina’s passion for dog training really shows in her work and how she teaches. She really is a wonderful person to work with.
I am so fortunate to have Gina as a mentor.

Morgan Guidry and König

When I met Gina while she was training her German Shepherd‘s I asked her if she does private lessons. At the time I had an 11 month old American bulldog I could not walk down the street without her pulling me. Gina said it would be a 10 day intense training session.
Well I have to say since then I can walk my beautiful baby down the street without being pulled and we have such wonderful walks together. She listens to me when I tell her to sit stay whatever.
All I can say is Gina is the best trainer you can ask fo. So please if you want a dog to be your best friend and listen to your commands go with Gina. Thank you!

Claire Buford

Natchez from Hillview Kennels went for training to Gina Pfeffer when she was 2 months old. She has graduated with honors from training and it is delightful to have her at home now!
We were grateful for Gina’s persistence and patience with her and to be able to work with Gina personally since we live a short distance away.
Natchez is now 5 months old and a super star. We all just attended an outdoor festival for Furry Friends and Natchez was great! We also appreciate, Thomas, her husband the “dog whisperer” and her assistant, Morgan! It was a positive experience for all of us!
We also appreciate her reference for pet insurance, Healthy Paws. We have saved quite a bit of money using them.
So from us to all: Happy Successful Training with Gina!

Harry and Janice Bloodsworth and Natchez

When my husband and I jumped into purchasing Zeus, we had no clue what we were getting in to. We own another German Shepherd, but we didn’t realize the difference of a working dog and a regular couch potato puppy… we quickly found out, though.
At first, we attributed Zeus’s behavior to being in a new setting. He was very aggressive and did not listen at all. He absolutely would not potty train and was constantly having accidents in his cage. It was very frustrating. (...)
We finally decided that we needed to do something, which almost ended in us getting rid of him, but we got in touch with Mrs. Gina at Applied Canine Concepts, and drove him down to Palm City, Florida from North Georgia that weekend.(...)
We left Zeus with Mrs. Gina for four months, as after one month, she expressed his capability to work more than just simple obedience. We had her begin working Zeus for competitions and then quickly moved into bite work and the basics of protection training with Gina and Michael Lorraine in West Palm Beach, FL.(...)
When we got Zeus home, it was amazing at the transformation he made. I don’t want to say he was a completely different dog, because that is simply not true. However, he was more controlled, and more importantly, I could control him. We have gotten so many compliments on how well-behaved Zeus is, especially from people who knew him before training.(...)
We can’t thank Gina ENOUGH for her hospitality, patience and willingness to work with Zeus AND Austyn and I. We consider Gina and her husband friends for life and can’t wait until Zeus makes the trek back to Florida continue his work with them.

McKenzie and Austyn Todd and Zeus

Sonia was sent to Gina for a 4 week board-and-train program. I wanted her to be better on a leash with heeling as well as basic commands. I also wanted her to teach my dog how to heel when I ride my bike. That way I can "walk" her when my back hurts and I want to avoid long walks.
I am a veteran and although my dog is not a service dog she is serving that purpose to me.
Thanks to training with Gina I am now able to take her to Petsmart or Home Depot without her being all over the place and all I hear from people walking by is how beautiful and well behaved my dog is.

Aneta Bolan and Sonia

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